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WTB: 915/44 Gearbox or 915/61 Gearbox

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    WTB: 915/44 Gearbox or 915/61 Gearbox

    Hi all

    Looking to purchase either a 915/44 or 915/61 (magnesium) gearbox.

    Essentially looking for a box in decent donor condition (i.e. no cracks or damage in the magnesium) that I can get rebuilt. Not necessarily looking for a rebuilt box but happy to hear of what's out there in case it fits the bill for what I am looking for.

    The 915/61 box I am looking for is the magnesium version, not the ally version. My understanding is that it was a transition year. Happy to stand corrected if this is incorrect!

    Essentially - looking for the latest possible model magnesium 915 box, with electronic speedo.

    Many thanks