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**For Sale/Wanted posting rules **

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    **For Sale/Wanted posting rules **

    Forum Rules on posting for sale ads:

    1. Members have the privilege to post advertisements for Porsche cars and parts.

    Suggestion: photos tell a thousand words - sellers please include photos of any items for sale.

    2. Sellers ~ For sale posts, in order to remain on the board, need to include the item's price if you are selling. This board does not function as an auction. If the owner of the part/car wants feedback on how much other members believe the item/car is worth, such a post should be made on the "General & Technical Info" forum.

    3. Sellers ~ Be sure to list your email address and/or contact phone number in the listing. Also indicate where the part is located and how shipping will be arranged if it can't be shipped in a box.
    Respond to replies on the forum in a timely manner and if a product is sold immediately post the item as sold.

    3. Buyers ~ It is appropriate to respond to an ad by either emailing or sending the seller a Personal Message (PM) through the board. Try to avoid replying directly to the post, except when you have specific questions that may help others looking at the ad. More often than not, PMs and emails reach the seller quicker than do responses to the post.

    4. Buyers ~ Be polite, and don't trash someone else's listing. It's not polite to point out that the person is selling this part when there is one cheaper on eBay. However, if there are visible errors in the listing, it is then appropriate to follow up with comments.

    5. TYP901 forums would not exist except for paying Sponsors and Members - and they, along with us - feel it is unfair that they subsidise non-Sponsor sales and marketing efforts. In short, if you are not a Sponsor, you are prohibited to make commercial posts to the Forums (personal for sale ads in the classified forum by members excepted). People cannot tout, sell or advertise their services or products in this forum unless they are a paid sponsor (and on a limited basis only). Please note that moderators can use their discretion to lock or remove threads that contravene this rule. Further, if moderators believe the spirit of this rule is being broken they can use their discretion to lock threads and ban applicable members.
    TYP901 Register provides this free classifieds listing service as a courtesy to members. Caveat emptor - buyer beware. We will not actively assist in mediating any complaints with respect to any transactions resulting from the placement of a classified ad.
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