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Carrera 3 litre now in Melbourne and registered

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    Carrera 3 litre now in Melbourne and registered

    Looking forward to using it, and driving beyond 5k’s.

    Car sailed through the roadworthy check with a few items needing doing (to be expected on a 43 year old car).

    Vitorian club plates fitted last Saturday.

    After cleaning the car following its 4000klm trip on the back of a truck through some very wet weather , I’m delighted.

    Now to start using and enjoying it
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    Justin Reed
    aka Reedminor
    1968 911L #11810329
    1961 356B #114700
    Instagram: reedminor

    nice shed
    12/1969 E based Vintage Racer
    1972 2.4E Targa project
    1973 911 2.4E for the road


      Very nice to own.
      Neville Bewsell
      1972 911T Coupe ex UK 1977
      1979 930 3.3 Turbo Aust Del
      1979 911 SC Coupe Aust Del
      1956 Sunbeam S7
      1952 Austin J40 - Pedal Car


        Now we can play spot the Michelin man.

        Car looks great, I like the green

        Uwe Imhoff
        TYP901 Website Mechanic


          Originally posted by 911jack View Post

          Car looks great, I like the green
          I do too.
          Aus del 8/86 Mighty boy ute.
          Aus del Sa360


            Happy days Justin!

            That car is an absolute cracker I reckon.

            You've got me thinking .... it's time to sell the L, as I have my eye on a couple other 3.o's.


              Younger brother to your L, similar exterior and interior
              Clyde Boyer
              TYP 901 Register Inc.
              Early S Register Member #294
              R Gruppe Member #366

              72 2.5ST LHD US (getting motor)


                Yes - lets see how people react when I say I forward dated the swb - I wanted to get ahead of the curve!!

                Cue the shock and outrage- nothing could be further from the truth of course.....

                Definitely a completely different drive from the swb - but still the same in a lot of ways.... Its also got me remembering the ice green metallic (same colour as the Websters 3.0 lite Turbo) C3 I owned before the L.

                Very happy overall - now to start using it, and ticking off the list of little projects I want to complete.

                Justin Reed
                aka Reedminor
                1968 911L #11810329
                1961 356B #114700
                Instagram: reedminor


                  So nice - I think we need to do a C3 photo now, there is so many good ones in Melbourne now with such a great variety of colors, I think it would be fab!
                  Mark Munro
                  '76 911 Carrera 3.0 coupe
                  '69 MGB GT track car
                  TYP901 Register #196