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AOMC Delegates Meeting Monday May 27th 2019

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    AOMC Delegates Meeting Monday May 27th 2019

    AOMC Delegates Meeting May 27th. 2019

    21 Rosalie Street
    Springvale, Vic 3171

    Meeting opened 7:30 pm by Keith Mortimer, president.

    There were 104 delegates in attendance representing 77 clubs

    Minutes of February delegates meeting: The minutes as published were true and correct moved by Gerry Howell (Rolls Royce Owners Club), seconded by Grant Connel (FGTCOA) and carried .

    Presidents Report:
    Cavalcade of Transport event at Yarra Glen was well attended, with good weather after rain Saturday night.
    Thank you to the RACV and clubs that supported the event.
    American Motoring Show in Berwick was affected by bad weather. Keith acknowledged the work of Graeme Moody and his team in putting the show together.
    Keith announced that he intends standing down as President this year.
    Additionally, new members on the committee are always needed.
    The Association only works through its volunteers and committee, so delegates were urged to take back to their clubs the message that people are needed to stand for positions.

    Treasurers Report:
    Current cash balance is $163,313.

    VicRoads/CPS Report:
    Iain Ross reported that there has been no word from VicRoads and the CPS review is still pending and we are awaiting news on it.

    AOMC Events:
    Restoration Seminar. Saturday June 29th at Rosalie Street rooms. This popular event usually books out, so get your booking in early to the AOMC office.

    Aussie Car Show:

    Yarra Glen Racecourse, Sunday August 25th. For all Australian made vehicles. Clubs are encouraged to put this event in their diaries.
    Engine Searches: Philip Johnston reported that he has completed searches for Holdens, Falcons, Valiants and Land Rovers. Also records for all Prince vehicles (a Japanese manufacturer than merged with Nissan), a 1923 Italia which also revealed its original owner, a Holden used in Matlock Police and one of the first VWs in Australia, 1948.

    Daryl Meek reported on 2 upcoming events. Australia Day in the Domain 2020. Theme will be Australian made vehicles. Looking for approximately 100 vehicles. If interested, contact Daryl at

    100th Anniversary of first RACV Alpine Reliability Trial in 2021. VDC have signed up to administer. Limited to 100 vehicles, with priority given to 1: vehicles that participated originally, 2: same vehicle as one that participated, 3: vintage vehicles pre 1927, 4: vintage vehicles up to 1930.
    General Business:
    Jack Craven (Escape Motoring) asked why there was no Japanese Car Show on AOMC calendar. Response was that it has been hard to get organised, but will look at it again. Volunteers and club assistance needed to get shows like this up and running.

    Guest Speakers:
    1. Selwyn Cohen. Taxation as it affects Clubs. Selwyn began by pointing out that the Tax Office guide on the subject is 91 pages long. He then gave a summary of what it means for clubs.
    Not for Profit (NfP): To be classed as NfP, all surplus funds must be redirected back into the club. Also the organisations constitution must stipulate that upon winding up any excess funds must be allocated to another like organisation. If they are split up amongst the members, it is not a NfP.
    Tax Exempt Status: The only organsations that can be tax exempt are Sporting, Cultural, Health, Scientific, Educational and Community Service. All other NfP must put in a tax return each year. Sporting Car Clubs are classed as a sporting entity and are tax exempt.
    Assessable Income and Expenses: All income and expenses derived from members activities is non assessable (tax exempt.) All income relating to non members is taxable, and all expenses relating to non members are deductable. Examples of taxable income are bank interest, capital gains made on sale of an asset, proceeds of fundraising from general public, hiring of facilities. Where income is from both members and non members (bar sales, entry fees) the proportion that is non member is taxable.
    Questions from the floor were discussed including:
    • Sponsorship when it is made usually has strings attached. Is it taxable for a club?
    • A club putting on a 3 day car show and inviting paying public to attend. Is it taxable?
    • Are Raffles taxable?
    • Is advertising in the club newsletter taxable income?
    • Can clubs subsidise members at an event and still be Not for Profit?
    • Who polices whether a tax return is put in or not?
    Given the complex nature of taxation and the differing circumstances for each club individual advice on clubs individual scenarios expert advice should always be obtained. Selwyn is happy to take calls from clubs. For general enquiries email Selwyn on selwyn@cfca.com.au To organise a meeting contact Selwyn’s secretary on 03 9826 2633.
    Chairman Keith Mortimer thanked Selwyn for his informative presentation, and reinforced that clubs need to get their own advice on specific matters.

    2. Car Torque:
    Tony Jackson. Car Torque is a website/social media platform that is being developed to cater for the motoring enthusiast community. It aims to bring all news and events onto the one platform. Clubs can set up their own virtual website on the platform, and also determine what information goes out to members only and what goes out to the general community. There is no cost to be a member of Car Torque, their income will come from paid advertisements on the platform.
    They have a target of getting 500,000 motoring enthusiasts to be on the platform. Tony and Steve are happy to visit clubs to discuss the concept. Contact Tony on 0411 232 986 or tony@blong.com.au

    Meeting closed at 9.15pm

    Carl Jones
    AOMC Delegate:
    Australian Typ901 Register
    Mercedes-Benz Club of Victoria
    Ferrari Club Australia

    Thanks for the update Carl. Interesting read. Can you remind me what the CPS review was looking into?

    Interesting to note how much money they have in the bank too!
    Alex Webster
    1967 S - RHD Sunroof
    1969 E - Historic Race Car


      Alex, I have no idea what's going on currently. The last item mentioned was amalgamating the club permit database with that of the full registration database, that came up a few years back.

      Not sure what they'll do with the money...double up on black?