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356 Display Sat November 25th

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    RE display 25 November 2023, Como.
    I thought it appropriate for fellow 901 members, if I briefly give a little back ground of my Porsche ownership.
    my first Porsche was a 1962 Twin Grill Super 90, which I bought in 1973 and sold in 1978. During this time I completed in club sprints and Lakeland Hill Climbs. I was delighted to see the car, Cream, parked near the fence by the end of our cars. I spoked to the Owner,David ?.
    The car looked really nice. I sold it to buy a 73 2.4 E, which is currently owned by 901 Register member, Viron Haviarivis. I spent a long time talking to Viron during the day catching up. I bought the 2.4 in 1978, and regrettably sold in 1981. BIG MISTAKE!!!
    However, in 1991 I bought my current Oxford Blue 2.4 T. So all was not lost.
    So I am not a stranger to the Porsche Marque.
    Ross Mckinnon.

    Cars owned:
    196o Triumph TR3A still have.
    1962 356 B Twin Grill Super 90. Sold.
    1972 911 E. Sold.
    1973 911 T
    2014 Mercedes AMG A45
    2021 Fiat 595 Abarth.