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    Brisbane locals

    I haven't been driving the '67 912 very much of recent and have decided I should look at tidying up some bits and keeping or selling. Its always had servicing and issues sorted by DHM so its generally a fun drive (though interested in another 912 owners perspective on that - they are not rocketships), the body is OK (the black paint cleans up nicely and gets good comments, but on closer examination the patches of old panel work under the glossy paint are pretty evident), the interior is a mixed bag with nice seats but old worn carpet .

    So wondering if there would be any Brisbane locals (I live inner north at Newmarket) who might be up for a quick catchup to talk about some tidying up tasks and steps forward. I caught up with a few of you at Bavarian Bier place a few years ago but cant recall names sorry. Also, sometimes with these cars you dont recognize a cars issues until someone else has sat in it or you've compared to another similar car.

    So if anyones got some time on the weekend (or next) then let me know.


    Hi Steve, From the lack of replies, it looks like everyone in Brissie is in COVID shock...... I'm around and haven't been anywhere near the Logan in the last month. I live less than 5 minutes from you. I've just been putting the final touches on my "COVID project"- my 72's motor top end rebuild and full re-upholstery. PM me.
    Bill A.

    72E Sporto (still is)


      Steve, if I'm not mistaken your 912 is my old black one that you purchased out of Melbourne about 4 years ago (Vic Reg was MR901). I'm happy to hear it's still on the go....I really loved that car & have owned it twice (I only sold it to help fund my GT3). If you have anything missing in the history let me know & I may be able to help or give insights. Good luck with it....

      Matt Read

      1971 911T (road car)
      1981 911 (rally car)
      1994 993 (road car)
      1994 BMW M3 (salt lake racer)
      1999 GT3 (1st in Oz)

      Ex - 1967 912, 1970 911T, 1971 911E, 1976 Carrera

      901 #160
      PCV #528


        Hi '72 sporto', thanks for reply. I caught up with Tom today and we talked shop and checked out his porsche/vw collection. I did have to venture to the south side of the river, but I figure the east is not in the danger zone But would be up for a future catchup because its interesting to see what others are up to.

        Hi Matt, absolutely its your old '67. Still getting around, albeit not too frequently. Hope youre doing ok with the covid adventures.

        Cheers, Steve


          Hi Steve

          Happy to have a chat at some stage but have been working weekends, I'm also close (Paddo) so feel free to send me your ph no via PM.

          Jeff Eelkema
          TYP 901 #132
          S-Reg #1431
          69E (project)
          various bevel Ducatis
          60s Vespa


            Cheers Jeff. Will be in touch.