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Victorian club permit scheme

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    Victorian club permit scheme

    Please read if you wish to avail yourself of the privelage of the club permit scheme in Victoria.


    In Victoria, classic & historic vehicles over 25 years can be sponsored by registered automotive clubs to have a special club permit, rather than full registration. This privilege represents significant savings on both normal registration fees and associated insurance for our vehicles.

    The Australian TYP901 Register Inc is registered with VicRoads for the club permit scheme and and it's Victorian members can participate once certain criteria are met.

    Here is the initial thread created when the scheme kicked off:


    Here is a link to the club permit section of the VicRoads website:


    In Victoria, normal car registration is approx. $670/year. Under the Club Permit registration scheme annual fees are approx. as follows:
    - 45 day permit is ~$70 p.a (allows you to use the car 45 days a year)
    - 90 day permit is ~$130 p.a (allows you to use the car 90 days a year)
    - Generally, your insurance provider will have reduced premiums for club permit vehicles thus achieving significant cost savings.
    VicRoads conditions of use include the following:
    1. VicRoads may suspend or cancel a permit if the permit holder fails to comply with the permit conditions or engages in conduct which threatens public safety or undermines the integrity of the permit scheme.
    2. Club Permit vehicles can be used at any time for any purpose other than for the carriage of goods or passengers for hire or reward.
    3. Permit holders are not restricted to club sanctioned activities when using their vehicles.
    4. Club Permit vehicles must be maintained in a manner which ensures that the vehicle is in a 'safe condition' for use on a highway.
    5. A logbook must be carried in the vehicle at all times when driven on public roads. On each day of use, a logbook entry must be made prior to the vehicle being used (unless the vehicle is within 100 metres of
    the garaged address). Only one entry is required per day, not necessarily for each trip if more than one per day.
    6. The Club Permit number plates issued by VicRoads must be correctly displayed on the vehicle at all times.

    Note: The really important condition is the completion of the log book before you drive anywhere. Non-compliance with this condition will incur a fine exceeding $700 as the vehicle is technically unregistered.
    It is also worth noting that our club is registered by VicRoads to certify applications for the Club Permit Scheme. Any breaches in record keeping, or excessive breaches of the rules by participants, may result in the clubís registration being cancelled. As a consequence, members would be unable to participate in the Club Permit Scheme under the banner of the Australian TYP901 Register Inc.

    Who can participate:

    Any financial member of the Australian TYP901 Register Inc can participate in the Club Permit Scheme.

    If a financial club member participating in the club permit scheme (long term or not) ceases to:
    1. own an early 911 or other Porsche cars,
    2. or be active in the early 911 community / Porsches generally,

    then the committee reserves the right to review the member's participation in the club permit scheme at the permit renewal stage.

    Eligible Vehicles:

    Note that whilst the club is authorised to certify a Club Permit Application form for any eligible vehicle, our policy is that the first vehicle so registered by a member must be an early 911. (1963 to 1973).

    For subsequent vehicles, other than for an early 911, it is at the discretion of committee whether or not a club permit application will be accepted.

    It is advisable to email secretary@typ901.org to obtain pre-approval prior to lodging an application for a vehicle other than an early 911.

    What members need to do:
    1. Obtain a road worthy certificate (RWC) for a new application along with VASS Certification if the car has never been registered in Australia previously.
    A RWC is not required for registration renewals.

    2. Provide the Application forms (2 of them) and RWC (if applicable) to the Primary authorised signatory (or the Secondary signatory in the absence of the Primary
    signatory) for certification.

    3 Take pictures of the car as outlined by Vic Roads

    It is a requirement at the time of endorsing a vehicle for a club permit the club has dated photographs that include images for
    • for cars and trucks of the front, driverís side, rear, driving position (side on with the driverís door open) and
    • for motorcycles of both side and rear of the motorcycle.

    Where possible, any identifiers such as chassis number and engine number should also be photographed.

    email pics to clyde@the-boyers.biz as attachements.

    Include stamped self addressed envelope for return of forms and sign the bloody form!!!!!

    4. After receiving the signed docs from the signatory submit all documents to VicRoads and following payment of the appropriate fee they will issue you with new "H" new plates. If applicable, the balance of your current registration will be refunded.
    5. If applicable, advise your insurance company that the insured vehicle has been changed over to club plates

    6. If a renewal please post renewal notice to
    Clyde Boyer
    PO Box 8284
    Carrum Downs 3201.

    Include stamped self addressed envelope for return of renewal and sign the bloody renewal!!!!
    What the Club needs to do:
    1. Sight a current and valid roadworthy certificate and proof of ownership. The club will not accept any responsibility for certifying the safety of our memberís cars.
    2. Keep comprehensive records of all members and vehicles with club permits, including scanned copies of the signed applications the RWCs and photos as specified by Vic Roads.
    3. Notify Vic Roads of any member participating in the club permit scheme who ceases to be a financial member of the club. At that point, the club's sponsorship of the club permit for that member ceases, and the permit is no longer valid. It is then the responsibility of the former member to make other arrangements with respect to vehicle registration.
    The current authorised signatories to the scheme are:
    PRIMARY: Clyde Boyer (President) PO Box 8284 Carrum Downs 3201
    SECONDARY: Alex Webster (Committee Member)
    Vehicles bought or sold whilst on club plates:
    Club permit registration cannot be transferred even if vendor and purchaser are both members of the same club and both eligible for the club permit scheme. The purchaser has to re-register the car in their name and start over. There is NO stamp duty payable on the new registration onto Club plates, however the purchaser would incur stamp duty if they decided to go to full registration.
    The vendor of a vehicle on club plates must also notify VicRoads of the sale of the vehicle.

    Vehicles not owned by club members:
    In the event that the eligible vehicle in question is not owned by the member in question (eg the vehicle is owned by a company), the club requires a letter of confirmation/authorisation from the third party, that the member is able to register the car on behalf of the third party.

    Multiple applications
    Vic Roads will no longer process more than 2 applications for a club permit at any one time in an over the counter situation. This was effective September 9th, 2014. They can be left with the CSO and will be advised when they are ready for collection or an appointment can be made with a CSO.

    Any questions please email secretary@typ901.org.

    Clyde Boyer
    Australian TYP901 Register Inc
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    Clyde Boyer
    TYP 901 Register Inc.
    Early S Register Member #294
    R Gruppe Member #366

    72 2.5ST LHD US (getting motor)

    Clyde, if you look at the AOMC site, you will see that VicRoads are in the process of updating the scheme. Purple summary at the top of the first page. New requirements are nothing that would affect us much, some problems have occurred with "tubbed wheel arches" read dragsters, and students using cars on a daily basis -see AOMC minutes of last meeting. AOMC are continuing to negotiate with VicRoads.
    Publication of revised conditions supposed to be later this year. Photos of cars to be kept by Club, looks

    Paul M


      Great offering by the club Clyde and kudos to you blokes for investing the time to make it happen.

      Minor suggestion, can we suggest vicroads lose the club plate requirement?

      Given we have done away with rego stickers I can't see the requirement for club plates on the scheme given the vehicle identification tech available in modern policing. Just aesthetically I don't like the look.
      Jeff Garvey
      1971 911s (needs resto)


        Jeff I doubt VicRoads will take away the Club permit plates "look". It took long enough to get this current scheme approved bu AOMC and I dont think we should mess wiht it.

        the requirement to still have a window sticker for Club permits still applied even though general issue plates dont need them anymore.

        You just have to live with the colour of these plates, sorry.
        sigpicPhil Lack
        TYP901 Register Inc. # 002 (Founding President)
        Early 911-S Registry # 690
        R-Gruppe # 367
        '72 911E 2.4 Coupe (UK delivered)
        '15 MB CLA 250 Sport Shooting Brake - daily
        2001 360 F1 Modena coupe
        1997 993 C2S coupe - 6 spd, widebody


          Clyde may know more but I was led to believe VR were already considering changing the number plate requirement?
          Jeff Garvey
          1971 911s (needs resto)


            Originally posted by Garvs View Post
            Clyde may know more but I was led to believe VR were already considering changing the number plate requirement?
            Irrespective of what changes VicRoads may be considering, this is our current club policy. If changes are made to the scheme, we will update the policy accordingly.
            Peter Williams #049
            Secretary TYP901
            1971 2.2T light ivory (36407-H)


              Of course. I was just curious.
              Jeff Garvey
              1971 911s (needs resto)


                As Club Scheme participants, we drive this stuff...

                Here in Queensland (the most backwards of States) we managed exactly what Jeff is saying. With plate recognition cameras (you must be on to those Phil ?) and no labels - the government made historic plates an option if you want them, but permitted the use of personal or original plates.

                Polite submissions from the club will be politely received and either used or ignored, but there's no harm. Mr Upwey, you could yet have KYJ911 back where it belongs!
                John Forcier
                1969 2.7RS spec 911B(astard)
                1968 2.0S spec 911 Race Car
                Restoration Saga
                1962 CB77 P3 TT Race Bike (looking for another engine)


                  plates are changing,a modified car will have M instead of H after the numbers,
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                  GRC930, Graham


                    AOMC have been agitating for a number of changes.

                    The club will of course be advised in due course of any official changes, until then our policy is as it is.
                    Clyde Boyer
                    TYP 901 Register Inc.
                    Early S Register Member #294
                    R Gruppe Member #366

                    72 2.5ST LHD US (getting motor)


                      note changes to wording under "Who can participate:"
                      Richard Griffiths
                      1970 911T 2.8


                        Vic Roads have advised of an amendement to processing for multiple applications.

                        The sticky has been updated to reflect the new rules.
                        Clyde Boyer
                        TYP 901 Register Inc.
                        Early S Register Member #294
                        R Gruppe Member #366

                        72 2.5ST LHD US (getting motor)


                          Moving to club permit

                          Hi All,

                          One quick question. The Vic Roads web site says you cannot put a currently registered car onto club permits. Does this just mean that the current reg will be canceled as part of the club permit application or do I need to cancel my registration first?

                          I am thinking I just need a roadworthy and the two vic roads forms filled out and signed by the club and I can then move from full to club registration with one vic roads visit?

                          Thanks for your help.


                            PM sent
                            Clyde Boyer
                            TYP 901 Register Inc.
                            Early S Register Member #294
                            R Gruppe Member #366

                            72 2.5ST LHD US (getting motor)


                              Hi Clyde

                              You mentioned some changes to the scheme as of 1st March this year - are you able to advise?

                              I plan to ship my car in the next 4 weeks, it is was previously registered in NSW though currently unregistered, and would like to register on Vic club plates.