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For Sale: 1984 911 Carrera 3.2 Targa

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    For Sale: 1984 911 Carrera 3.2 Targa

    Australian delivered (South Australia)
    Matching numbers
    Full maintenance history
    Major Service April 2015
    231 hp

    I’ve only had this beautiful Targa for just over 12 months and it’s time to move onto a new home. I have had it on VIC Club Plates (TYP901 club) since ownership and mainly take it out as a weekender - I always have it garaged.

    Reason for sale is what I read too often here on the forums….“soon to be married, need house deposit….baby on the way!” so yes this is a clichéd sale and I’m very sad to see it go – Melbourne property seems to be in sync with SWB 911’s!

    The photos will give you an indication of the immaculate condition of the car, it’s rust free, all seals are crack free and all roof seals are unbroken and in as new condition. The other night I twas caught out in a freezing wet night and the roof did not and has never sprung a leak. Sports seats are original option upgrade. Fuchs all unmarked and in pristine condition.

    Now to the km’s. yes it has more than 370,000km on the clock.
    Yes that is a lot.
    Yes it has been loved, driven and enjoyed in its 30yrs.
    This is a good thing.

    I do not have documentation on when or if a engine rebuild or refresh or transmission overhaul has been done - the 3.2’s are renowned for being bullet proof– all I can tell you is that it had a full major service in 2010 by Porsche specialist Auto Art and it has again had a minor service when I purchased it May 2014 and major service in April 2015 at Motion Automotive Porsche specialist in Melbourne – it runs flawlessly.

    Air Con – as you can see it’s disconnected, this is how I purchased it – if you know these cars the A/C is not great – the heating on the other hand is brilliant…..roof off, windows up and heater on the feet is how I drive 90% of the time!

    Maintenance/Service wise between Motion Automotive and Autoart Porsche Service (both Melbourne based) I have the maintenance records for every 20,000km scheduled Porsche service
    The car idles perfectly, no hunting, responds as required when the right pedal is squeezed and the left peddle depressed, blows no smoke on start up and has run without any incident since I have owned it.

    So great to see that Porsche have introduced the new Targa, it really gives you the best of both worlds in both warm and cold climates – I also thought I’d stick a photo of Singers latest project which is of course, a Targa.

    I look forward to re-joining a Porsche Club I the years to come!

    If you are ready to buy, serious and always wanted a 3.2 lets talk

    Offers over $60,000
    VIN – WPOZZZ91ZES141229
    ENGINE – 63605720
    COLOUR: zinnmetallic

    0410 69 55 44 or karldtz@yahoo.com
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    Don't forget salient point '84 = 231 leaded h.p.

    Good luck.....