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AP Racing Clutch Disc for 901 Gearbox - New

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    AP Racing Clutch Disc for 901 Gearbox - New

    Hi Gents
    I have this new 901 AP Racing clutch disc surplus to needs if someone needs or wants. I purchased Jeff's WEVO clutch flywheel deal and have managed to source a 915 clutch disc which suits my application.

    I have it on good authority from WEVO that they are no longer offering them due to issues with supply and dealing with AP.

    It is for a 901 box but if no one needs it I can change the centre and keep it as a spare...

    $460 AUD
    Tom Laube
    Instagram - #first_corner_fever

    Porsche - 1973 LHD 911T, 1972 RHD 911T
    VW - '61 T1 Karmann Ghia, '60 Type1 Factory Sunroof , '58 Type1 Street racer