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Looking for a 911SC

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    Looking for a 911SC

    I'm helping a customer to try to track down his old 911SC.

    From his email to me - 'RHD Australian-compliance 911SC coupe which I bought through John Newell Motors in Sydney in 1978. I took delivery of the car at the Stuttgart Porsche factory outlet on 2nd January 1979. The car had a silver exterior and black interior. It was fitted with a driver’s external mirror but no passenger side external mirror. It did not have air conditioning. I brought it to Sydney, and sold it in the early 1980s'.

    If anyone has any leads on this car please PM me. Sorry I don't have an old rego number at this stage, the owner is hunting for an old pic..

    Thanks, Cam
    Cam Arnott
    Looking for engine #6208151
    1970 911E (Sold)
    '71 911 S/T Replica 2.3 (Sold)
    2 x Split Screen Kombis
    TYP 901 Register # 78
    Early S Registry # 1076