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    Everything should be back to way it worked before the recent system update.
    • Old images appear at their original resolution
    • New uploads auto resize

    1. Thumbnail maximum size of 1000px
    2. Image store size up to 256kb

    When uploading attachments, it is still best to prepare the image first and reduce its file size as this will be faster to upload. You can upload a 5mb file from a camera as an example and it will auto resize to fit in under 256kb, the quality of the reduction may not be as good as a manual resize.

    Please continue to attach images if possible instead of external links to help maintain the future richness of the forum content and avoid possible broken links in 10 years time.

    Thank you for everyone's patience and help since the forum update, we are a step closer in getting to the current vBulletin and enjoying the improvements it will bring.
    Uwe Imhoff
    TYP901 Website Mechanic

    Thanks Uwe
    Cam Arnott
    Looking for engine #6208151
    1970 911E (Sold)
    '71 911 S/T Replica 2.3 (Sold)
    2 x Split Screen Kombis
    TYP 901 Register # 78
    Early S Registry # 1076


      Great work Uwe.
      Aus del 8/86 Mighty boy ute.
      Aus del Sa360 (Gone but not forgotten)


        Thank you Uwe!

        1970 911E
        1965 Mustang Fastback


          Thanks for sorting this Uwe. I look forward to the upgraded V bulletin software and the new features it will offer.
          sigpicPhil Lack
          TYP901 Register Inc. # 002 (Founding President)
          Early 911-S Registry # 690
          R-Gruppe # 367
          '72 911E 2.4 Coupe (SOLD)
          '15 MB CLA 250 Sport Shooting Brake - daily
          2012 BMW 1M Coupe 6-spd (Wow)