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    Geek detail

    You learn something new every day

    The other day when someone was having a close look under my car they remarked that it was an Australian delivered one - which it is.
    I said how can you tell from under the car - thinking I had told him before or something

    He pointed out two reinforcing plates welded in between the bottom of each back seat and the torsion tube at the rear. He said that only Australian delivered cars have this reinforcement (I am not sure when that began though) as they are there to provide a secure anchor for the rear seat belts - you can see one end of the mounting bolt in the photo below

    He said it also makes the rear of Australian cars stronger and more robust

    I took some photos and have highlighted the plate on the drivers side - too many fuel pipes etc to get a good photo on the other side.
    Hugh Hodges
    1973 E
    Australian TYP 901 Register #005
    Early 911S Register #776

    Very cool Hugh.
    made me look at the 72e
    Aus del 68 911S


      that detail alone is worth $100k
      12/1969 E based Vintage Racer
      1972 2.4E Targa project
      1973 911 2.4E for the road