Privacy Statement

The Australian Typ901 Register is deeply committed to protecting the privacy of it's users. Absolutely no user-identifiable information is released to any 3rd parties without the user's consent.


The Australian Typ901 Register uses cookies on the forums that enable many features. These cookies track login time/date, and, optionally, your login data (set in your user prefs). Using cookies will enable The Australian Typ901 Register to remember your login, and display new messages since your last visit. It is highly recommended that you browse The Australian Typ901 Register with cookies enabled in your browser.

Forums Registration

During the process of registering an account, a valid email address is required. The user has the ability to hide this email not only from other users, but from the administration as well (all set in user prefs). No email addresses will be shared with any other entity without permission. If a user chooses to hide his/her email from the administration, no contact will be made, unless for disciplinary action.

Private Messages

All private messages belonging to a member remains private at all times. None of the moderators or staff at The Australian Typ901 Register have access to private messages of members. The webmaster of The Australian Typ901 Register will not be accessing the database directly to view the private messages of members. Private messages will remain private.