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Interior re-trim 996

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    Interior re-trim 996

    OK so this may seem like a stupid question.

    My 996 front leather seats are a little warn. Was thinking of retriming edges in new leather and seats in a coloured fabric.

    I am thinking Pepita with a tan stripe- as the car is silver/black with the only other interior colour being orange on lights/needles etc. which I think the tan will blend well with.

    Thought tan Pepita may be nicer than just black and white.

    Have looked at tartan/plaide/Pasha but it is something I need to drive daily so don't want to be too crazy.

    Has any one seen fabric trimming on a 996 that worked well? Keen for some opposing opinions.

    I like It, do it.
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      Needs to be done in my opinion. Easy way to lighten and enhance an otherwise relatively bland time for Porsche. I have a 996 as my daily and I would happily put fabric inserts in.
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        991 911R looks great with "Hounds Tooth". Not sure about introducing another unrelated (bland, sorry) colour. Classic never dates, as long as its done well, less is more.
        If I had my old C4S & access to quality trades who do this all the time then I would, especially if seats etc are tired. Even a subdued tartan would be nice, think Golf GTI.