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Luggage area lighting

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    Luggage area lighting

    I dug this out of my "stuff to look at during a global pandemic" box.. bits that didn't go back on the car after the engine rebuild, body fixin' & respray for one reason or another..

    Luggage light wiring.. but two chopped wires. Does anyone have a pic of how this goes back in? I assume the end with the two connectors goes to the light (I'm missing actual light mechanism), and the other end connects into the loom under the dash/beside blower? But pretty sure there's a switch to go somewhere as well right? Is that part of the loom pictured? The SL-35 schematic shows a switch so I guess that's a "yes" to the switch question.. it also shows two lights...

    The black board (I think it's plastic but it's very light weight and feels almost like a fibreboard material) was on the passenger side where you'd expect a light to be.. bearing in mind my car is a September '69 build - so that kinda makes some sense according to Dr B Johnson (pg 72).

    If anyone has the internals from a light let me know. And a switch would be good too I guess..



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      Hmm that's interesting - thanks. So my wiring is for 2 lights, but it only had one. I guess that's part of it being a very early '70 model. So the brown goes to the switch which grounds on the hood when open, and the white/black goes to permanent power.
      '95 993 - daily run-about
      '70 911T - bringing her back to former glory